BBSO Staff List

The on-site staff can be reached at (909) 866-5791 with the extension given below.

Taylor Baildon
          Instrument Scientist, x237
Alex Bogdanovich
          Telescope Operator, x219
Wenda Cao
          BBSO Director, NJIT Professor, x213
Phil Goode
          NJIT Distinguished Research Professor, x220
Nicolas Gorceix
          Optical Engineer, Solar Observer, x233
Jeff Nenow
          Mechanical Engineer, Solar Observer, x211
Erika Norro
          Administrative Assistant I, x210
Dirk Schmidt
          MCAO Project Scientist, x240
Sergiy Shumko
          Instrument Engineer, Assistant System Administrator, x239
John Varsik
          Data Scientist, System Administrator, x214
Haimin Wang
          NJIT Distinguished Professor, BBSO Chief Scientist, x244
Xu Yang
          Post Doctoral Research Associate, x217
Vasyl Yurchyshyn
          Research Professor, x235

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