NST Call for Obs Proposals 2016<

The New Jersey Institute of Technology announces the availability of a limited amount of observing time to the solar community for its 1.6-m, off-axis New Solar Telescope (NST) and associated instrumentation. The telescope allocation committee (TAC) plans to accept outside proposals for session 1 (2016 May 1 - Jun 30), which are due Friday, Mar. 4, 2016. Potential applicants are encouraged to include a BBSO/NJIT scientist as a collaborator in the proposal to facilitate proposal preparation, observations, and data analysis. Please see the description of NST and its instrumentation at NJIT_Ground-Based_Solar_Observatories.pdf

At this time, we are seeking expressions of interest in order to determine the likely level of response. Please send inquiries to haimin.wang at njit.edu.

Meanwhile, much of our existing data are already open to the community. The data availability with quick look movies can be found at http://www.bbso.njit.edu/~vayur/NST_catalog/,

and requests for data can be made through the request form at http://www.bbso.njit.edu/~vayur/nst_requests/

Dale E. Gary, Interim Director
Wenda Cao, Associate Director
Haimin Wang, Chief Scientist

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