Observatory 1989 to 1993

This is a selection of additional historical images recently unearthed from our photo archive.

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Causeway: The Causeway in the early 1990s. Probably before the 1992 earthquake. The pole supports the GONG pyroheliometer. Notice the external fan box.
Front Part of Telescope Assembly: This image shows the front part of the BBSO telescope assembly. On the right is the 26 inch reflector, with a cooled ring in front to shade the front of the vaccuum tank. Towards the rear of the tank is one of the electronics patch boxes which allowed the different Lyot filters to be used on any bench.
Telescope Control Panel: This shows most of the telescope control panel as it was in 1991.
Rear of Telescope Assembly: This image from before the 1992 earthquake shows the rear of the telescope assembly.
The West Side of the Telescope Assembly: This image is looking up the west side of the telescope assembly.
26 Inch Center Bench VMG Setup: This image shows a setup of the VMG (videomagnetograph) on the 26 inch center bench. The video camera is to the left out of the picture.
Typical 10 Inch Setup: This shows a typical setup on the 10 inch telescope. The east bench (to the left) has the Ca K filter, the center bench has the VMG (videomagnetograph) and the west bench (on the right) has the scanning Zeiss H-alpha filter.
10 Inch VMG Setup: This shows the setup of the VMG (videomagnetograph) on the 10 inch center bench.
Rear of the Telescope Assembly: This is a later image (probably 1993, definitly post-earthquake). In this picture an early version of the earthshine telescope is mounted on top of the 26 inch tank. This version is using the OSL CCD camera (the big red tank at the back).

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